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Your Safe House in the Heart of Edinburgh

We are a private counselling clinic, located in the heart of Edinburgh, at 83 Princes St, EH2 2ER. This is a place for anyone looking to find therapy and counselling support, understanding and a path to a better new wellbeing. 


How Our Counsellors Can Help You: 


At My Solution Wellbeing, we believe in the power of counselling can change lives. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to guide you through life’s challenges, whether you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, couples therapy or relationship issues, seeking personal growth or for individuals dealing with more advanced challenges. We have professionals who specialise in trauma, bereavement, addictions and anger issues. 


Our Edinburgh Therapists Will Tailor Your Support Unique To You


Due to our expertise in support and understanding, we are able to offer a range of counselling services tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring that you find the right support and strategies to navigate your journey towards better wellbeing.


What To Expect When You First Book In:


When you first book with our clinic, you will be in contact with one of our counsellors and therapists immediately, who would then briefly get information regarding what type of services you would like. This information and short assessment will allow us to hand pick the appropriate counsellor for you. We would like you to bear in mind that all counsellors have their own specialisations, so the counsellor you are assigned will be the most appropriate for you and your needs. 


Personalised Counselling Support For Your Needs


The best thing about this is that the service is personalised for your needs. Our wellbeing clinic goals are to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible when attending your sessions, so you do not have to expect an unapproachable individual with a clipboard asking millions of questions! We are the complete opposite. After this, we will move on to arranging an appointment either face-to-face in Edinburgh or online, depending on your preferences. We can offer you face-to-face counselling, online therapy, or telephone appointments. 

On the day of your appointment, you will be first greeted by our lovely and warm receptionist, who will let the counsellor know you are in. Afterwards, the counsellor will invite you into the room, where you both can get to know each other and build a connection; while in the room, the counsellor will need to fill out very short assessments and contracts with you to make sure you are fully informed about all the procedures we follow. Lastly, it’s time to book you in again. From there, we will support you in becoming the best you. 


Learn More About Our Counselling Team


All of our counsellor’s profiles can be found on our website, where you can read up on our specialisations and who we can support. We have counsellors for young people, couples and adults. We are integrative counsellors and registered with the BACP or COSCA governing bodies.


A Safe Place Designed With You In Mind: 


Once you step into our clinic, you will instantly notice something completely different…… the atmosphere! The clinic is designed in a way to provide a safe and comfortable space for you to feel relaxed. Soft lighting, comfortable sofas, chairs, and calming colours create a welcoming vibe that enables you to open up and explore your thoughts and feelings easily. 


Easy Accessibility For All: 


At My Solution Wellbeing, everyone is welcome. Our location in Edinburgh at 83 Princes St is equipped with lifts and disability access, ensuring that our services are available to all. We strongly believe in creating an inclusive environment where everyone can come in and receive the support they need without difficulties.


Private Counselling: Healthy Steps For Your Wellbeing


As qualified counsellors, we completely understand that starting counselling can be very doubting and scary. This is why we created such a warming, safe and comfortable environment for you to want to come, and sooner or later enjoy coming in and getting the relief and support you need. It is a perfectly healthy first step into caring for yourself and your mental health. In our Edinburgh clinic, you can rest assured that the sessions are confidential, non-judgmental spaces where you are able to express yourself and your issues. We will help you find your coping strategies and find relief in a safe space.

We have created this safe house to enable you to take the first step into understanding yourself better and improving your quality of life. Allow us to help and support you! So, come and visit us. We can’t wait to meet you. Our profiles can be found on our website, where you can read up on our specialisations and who we can support. We have counsellors for young people, couples and adults. We are integrative counsellors and registered with the BACP or COSCA governing bodies. 

Written by Sara, a Counsellor in Edinburgh with the My Solution Wellbeing Team

By Sara, a counsellor in Edinburgh at My Solution Well-being. T: 0131 210 0395


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