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When You May Need Child Therapy For Anxiety in Derby

Is your child suffering from anxiety? Here are some signs that child counselling may be beneficial.


The Common Signs Of Anxiety In Children 


One of the most common disorders children can present is anxiety. Anxiety isn’t just something adults experience, but children too.

For parents, it can be a struggle when children refuse to go to school in the morning, but this avoidance behaviour is a sign of anxiety. They may be excessively worrying about social activities or school, experience frequent mood swings, their eating habits can shift, and they find it difficult to sleep. Some children are more naturally shy than others and might cling to their parents. But if they are too worried to sleep alone or interact with other children, then this points towards anxiety. 

A lot of anxiety and phobias stem from childhood; children can have a hard time managing and understanding big feelings during the various changes throughout childhood. This can lead to self-blame and thinking they are at fault (for example, parents no longer being together). 


Is Your Child Anxious About Attending School?


For many, their school environment can play a factor in a child’s mental health. If children are facing anxiety, they could be having problems at school with their academics and their self-esteem, friends, or bullying. Or perhaps their stress is impacting their school life. Either way, this can cause the child distress, and they could struggle to vocalise this to you. Instead, they may say they feel sick or try to avoid going and talking about school. 

Anxiety can also come from trauma a child may have experienced, such as the loss of someone close or an accident resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder. Depending on their age, they probably won’t fully understand what has happened or how to cope with their feelings.  


When Should You Seek Help From A Professional Child Therapist?


So, at what stage should you start to seek help for your child’s anxiety? If you notice the anxiety getting progressively worse over a long period of time, it is now affecting a child’s home, school, and social life daily. This is when professional private Therapy can be a viable option to help your child. 

It is common for childhood anxiety to recur, too, and untreated childhood anxiety often leads to anxiety in adulthood. The majority of adults seeking treatment now for anxiety have been struggling for a long time, since their childhoods and could have benefited from help back then.


Private Therapy can help children.


Child therapy can help children with anxiety by offering them a safe and comforting environment to express themselves freely apart from their immediate family. The child therapist can work with both parents and the child to help work through the anxiety. 


Learn More About Child Therapy in Derby


Our child therapists in Derby are very experienced and empathic and work to help children with their struggles. 

As parents, it can be worrying to see your child struggling; we cannot predict who our children will become. All we can do is guide them along the way. Child counselling offers children and parents guidance through struggles such as anxiety. 


Children’s Private Anxiety Therapy With Easy Access


As a private counselling service, there is no waiting list, so your child can begin to receive help as soon as possible. We can assist children from 3 to 18 years old, helping them with their emotional and mental well-being, hopefully allowing them to grow into happy and stable adults. 

We begin with a child assessment, focusing on understanding the child’s emotions and feelings. It is a straightforward process; parents are welcome to participate for the first 15 minutes. 

From there, the child therapist can support your child through art and play Therapy to build their confidence, develop coping strategies, and improve their overall well-being. Playing with toys and games encourages trust between the child and the therapist in an environment where children feel comfortable. As the therapist gets to know the child and, depending on their age, they can shape the Therapy towards their specific needs.

If you are interested in child therapy and counselling in Derby, don’t hesitate to ask; we will gladly assist. We are in a central location in Derby with parking and easy accessibility. There is a waiting room for parents to wait while the child is in session. 

A: King’s Chambers Queen Street, Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 3DS

T: 01332949709



Written By Ria Kaur



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