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When do you need Child counselling Leicester for your kids?

It is important to remember that every child is unique in their own way. Each child reacts differently to the world around us and the reasons for seeking counseling are not the same for each child. However, there are some situations that come up more frequently when considering whether your child needs counseling.


Experiencing growth and change is not always easy. Childhood and adolescence can be emotionally charged, and small changes in routine and home life can have a big impact on a child’s mental health. The purpose of Child counselling Leicester is to help children and young people to handle these emotions and stressful times on their own and to grow into adults who can independently manage their daily lives. So here are some common reason that you need to give counseling to your child.



Bullying is a very bad incidence at school, parks and even in a child’s friend group as a result, bullying could lower self-confidence, self-esteem and negatively affects a child’s self-image, and can even cause physical harm. Children who are undergone bullying must be treated as soon as possible.


Divorce is difficult for parents, but it is also difficult for children in the family. Parents may get too close to the situation to help effectively. In these cases, a professional can speak with your child and help ease concerns from all aspects of the family.

 Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Health Problems

Parents are not always able to help their children with mental health problems. Professionals can help children deal with anxiety and depression, but they can also advise parents on how best to support their children in the future. Diagnosing children is not always easy either. The CDC reports that 73.8% of depressed children from age 3 to her 17 also have a diagnosis of anxiety disorder.


Traumatic Events

Every child reacts differently when experiencing a traumatic event, but in most cases, professional help eases the situation and encourages children and young people to process such events.


Special Measures

Has your once social child become a recluse? Is he eating less than usual? Behavior that deviates from personal norms may be a sign that your child is struggling in some way. Aggression, anxiety, academic decline, and substance abuse may benefit from seeking professional help.

Mother and child having fun

Mental health problems in children and adolescents can affect entire families as well. Parents may not be able to help their child. Apart from the best Child counselling Leicester, Family counseling is beneficial when more family members are involved in a particular situation. While children and young people receive counseling, parents and caregivers receive support to understand what their child is going through and how best to help them.


By MySolutionWellbeing on 31/08/2022 in Wellbeing

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