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What is Bereavement counselling Nottingham?

At some point in their lives, everyone will experience loss. There is, however, a distinction to be made between grief and bereavement. Grief is the emotional reaction to a loss of any kind. Grief over the death of a loved one is known as bereavement.

Grief is a collection of emotions that accompany the process of moving on from a major change or loss. This process can be experienced and expressed in a variety of ways. Misplaced guilt, sadness, wrath, longing, and regret are all symptoms of grief. We can fluctuate from one thinking or emotional state to another as we adjust to the loss when we are mourning.

From a range of fields, there are many different perspectives on mourning. Bereavement Counselling Nottingham helps you when it comes to bereavement counselling Nottingham

What is Complicated Bereavement Counselling Nottingham?

‘Complicated Bereavement’ is a term used to describe a type of bereavement that is

This might happen if the bereaved individual is unable to cope with their feelings of loss and grief after a period of time. The following are some of the persons that may have a more difficult time grieving. There is no science to this, and everyone is different, therefore these are just suggestions:


  • If the individual who has been widowed has had many bereavements in the last few years.
  • If the person who has died is also a caregiver for others, such as a single parent with young children.
  • If the individual who has died has a history of mental illness.
  • If the bereaved’s relationship with the departed was challenging and marked by strong emotions, both positive and negative.
  • If the grieving person is under additional stress at the time of death, such as a divorce, financial difficulties, unusual job or school responsibilities, or bad health.
  • If it was a violent or sudden death.
  • If the person who died was the one to whom the bereaved would have gone for assistance and support.
  • People who have been bereaved may notice that their thoughts about their own lives, choices, regrets, and mortality have become more intense.

Bereavement Counselling Nottingham

Bereavement Counselling Nottingham, like any counselling, allows a person to hear themselves express their feelings and ideas, or to sit in silence with someone who is willing to accept them exactly as they are, without trying to change or cheer them up.

Counsellors usually don’t give advice, but rather help people find their own answers to difficulties and conflicts in life. Bereavement counsellors anticipate that a person may want to talk about the deceased person as well as how to adjust to life without them.

My Solution Wellbeing’s bereavement counselling may be able to help you get through these difficult times. Talking about the loss can help a person adjust to their new life, including all of its positive and negative aspects. Keeping things bottled up or suppressing your emotions can make the suffering last longer. For us to move on, every loss must be acknowledged. My Solution Wellbeing’s bereavement counselling aims to assist clients in finding a place for their loss so that they can move on with their lives and finally find acceptance.

By MySolutionWellbeing on 03/03/2022 in Wellbeing

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