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Understanding Autism Assessments: Private vs. NHS

What Are Your Options When It Comes To Autism Assessments?


You may be in a position now where you are looking into getting assessed for autism. For some, if they are able to go private from the get-go, and for the majority, the first steps would be going to your GP to discuss this and being referred for an autism assessment. It may be frightening to talk about this in a professional setting, so it would be beneficial to go prepared as the GP will most likely discuss why you think you may be autistic. Having these answers prepared in advanced can help you articulate your answers more and give your GP more of an understanding. 

It is no secret that having access to an autism assessment is not as simple as it seems. On one hand you are entitled to a free assessment with the NHS but are faced with an unknown wait time that could be years and depends on where you live in the UK. But on the other hand, there are private services that can start the process for you with virtually no waiting list but are self-funded. 


Waiting Times For An NHS Autism Test Can Be Significant


Coming to terms with potentially having ASD can be overwhelming for some and the battle between waiting on the NHS and trying to find a suitable private service can cause more anxiety and stress. 

The National Autistic Society have reported that in England over 157,000 people are waiting for an autism assessment as of March 2023. This is a 35% increase in one year as figures from 2022 suggested 88,000 people were waiting. 

You can read the report here

With such long waiting times and a lack of funding for diagnosis from the Government, unfortunately, people will have to wait months and even years for a diagnosis. With that in mind, countless people will be struggling undiagnosed and without the support they need, whether that be within work, schools, or general support. 


How A Private Child Autism Assessment Can Save Precious Time


For children waiting times can be detrimental as a wait of two years means two years that child will go unsupported at school. This wait can add extra stress on to both child and their parents. The same for adults who require access to support and resources at work. 

The NHS advise those who are struggling with waiting times to consider getting a second opinion from another GP and to gain some understanding from other people who have been in a similar situation. 

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As a private autism service, we advise those seeking an autism assessment to first contact their GP to start a referral. Your GP will then decide whether to refer you for an autism evaluation. If you feel the waiting list is too long and you are financially in a position to access private autism support, then consider this an option. 

Private services that offer autism assessments are just as credible as NHS assessments. There is much quicker availability for autism assessments, giving you an evaluation and diagnosis more quickly, which allows for earlier intervention and support.  


A Private Autism Assessment Will Provide More Choice On Who Can Help You


During private autism assessments, you are given more choice in who to get assessed by and are more likely to have more one-on-one time with professionals, giving them a good understanding of that individual’s behaviour.

When searching for a private service for an autism assessment, it is important to do your own research so you feel confident and trust in the service you are choosing. Ask questions and talk about your feelings to ensure whether it is the right service for you or for your child. 

If you are interested in inquiring about a private autism assessment, you can contact My Solution Wellbeing for a more person-centred service. We take an empathetic and understanding approach to carrying out our autism assessment and diagnosis with adults and children and offering support for parents during their child’s assessment process. 

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We aim to ease any concerns or questions you may have. 

You can find out more about our Autism assessment and diagnosis process here.

Written By Ria Kaur 



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