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The Importance of maintaining your mental health as a University student

Being a University student might come with a lot of changes and challenges, and that alone makes it really important to maintain your mental health as much as possible.

Let’s talk seriously for a second…
University isn’t simply a little bit of stress because of some assignments and some lectures you can’t be bothered to attend, it can bring real feelings of stress and anxiety and if left untreated, it can cause much greater harm.

The UK parliament website reported a large number of students that said that they had a mental health condition in 2021/22. Although the statistics showed that the number of female students was more than double the rate of male students, it later on showed that the suicide rate for male students is higher (63%) than female students (37%).

You can read the full document here 

This information is important to be aware of. A big percentage of male students didn’t feel like they could share their mental health struggles, and maybe suffering in silence was a big reason for their very unfortunate and heartbreaking outcome.

Nobody goes to University thinking that things might get to that point for them, but this is why it is crucial to pay attention to the stresses and anxieties that might come with university.

Change is scary

Changes alone can come with anxiety. Starting university comes with meeting new people, people from all over the country, maybe even the world. Some will move away from home for uni, which will be a big adjustment. New responsibilities adjusting to a new schedule, and, most of all, juggling everything at once. That is a lot! Admitting your fears and that you might be nervous about some things might help to prepare your brain for all these new things to come. When they do come, although it is still a lot to process, it might not be such a shock!

Remember to take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself might look like doing lots of different things. Finding ways to stay active, healthy ways to relax, staying organised, making new friends, people you relate to and can rely on and having a good balance of uni, social, romantic and work life. A good balance is what will help you upkeep your mental health, but most importantly, finding out all the support that your university might offer.

Explore mental health services at your educational provider

You might find financial support, mentoring and buddy networks for studying, groups and societies that could support you or you might simply relate to, or your university might offer a range of counselling/mental health services.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Just don’t suffer in silence… even if your uni doesn’t provide such services or just isn’t that helpful, speak to friends, and family and find a mental health professional for yourself.

Don’t wait until things get bad before seeking help. Anyone who has ended up with severely poor mental health definitely didn’t expect it to get as bad as it may have later. Manage it while you still have the capability to ask for help.

At My Solution Wellbeing, we have helped a number of young adults manage the struggles they’ve been facing, including the stress that comes with being a university student.

By Eva Domingos, a counsellor at My Solution Well-being. T: 0115 648 7912

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