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The Importance Of a Daily Routine For Mental Health

Maintaining physical and emotional well-being requires leading a healthy lifestyle, but many people need help knowing where to start. 

Now, here is the secret… and it is much simpler than you think

Your daily routine.

Now I know what you must be thinking. It definitely does not sound revolutionary. But sometimes, the answer is more straightforward than it seems.


Ask yourself these questions…


What does my daily routine look like? How much time do I spend daily doing something that is beneficial to my well-being? Do I even have a daily routine?

Establishing a good daily routine can promote healthy habits and provide structure and organisation to our lives.

Simply, we need to ensure we are making time to work on our goals, even if it is just twenty minutes a day. And how do we do that?

…. you guessed it, the establishment of a daily routine.

Now, each person is different, and therefore, a detailed time planned for a scheduled day may not be for everybody. The reality for many individuals consists of barely getting out of bed and rushing off to work.

However, making one small positive change to your daily routine at a time can better your life in many ways.

Improving your well-being and mental health is certainly not an overnight process; it can be easy to feel disappointed if you don’t see results right away, but change takes commitment as well as patience. A 9-month-old doesn’t just wake up one day and start walking, everything takes baby steps.


The Many Benefits of Routine.


An effective routine can lead to;

  • Improved sleep quality- Sleep patterns and night-time routines have an impact on your energy, attention levels, and mental clarity. Sorry to sound like your mother, but you need to go to bed earlier, or at least fix your sleep schedule.

A person who gets enough sleep at night will probably manage the day considerably better than someone who doesn’t go to bed at the same hour every day.


  • Reduce and manage stress—High stress levels can impact your health, increasing your risk of heart disease. A functional routine can lower stress, which in turn can lead to better mental health, reduced anxiety, and more downtime.

Sometimes you feel stressed when you don’t have anything to stress about, but nothing beats the feeling when you know you are on top of your schedule.


  • Healthier eating—Implementing a good routine gives you more time to plan and prepare healthier meals that can be incorporated into your everyday life. Healthy eating can supplement your diet with a wide variety of nutrients, which support our physical and mental well-being.

Instead of being late for work and having to grab something out, a good routine will give you time to do it yourself and save you money by cooking at home.


  • Exercise—Exercising and staying active are much easier when you make the time for them. Daily routines allow you to make time for physical exercise, which is immensely beneficial for your mental health and can improve your energy and appetite.

To achieve the benefits of exercise, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym every day, as many people simply don’t have the time. A twenty-minute daily walk, a 15-minute at-home workout session and even a few minutes of high-intensity interval training (HITT) can offer a number of health benefits.


Tips On How To Create a Healthy Routine


Creating a daily routine you can maintain may not seem significant, but for some, habit is what keeps them anchored. Many people feel a sense of fulfilment from a routine or productive day, which allows them to feel more at ease when it’s time to unwind and relax.

Obviously, this would look different for everybody, as many people with children may struggle.

However, the key to making this work is too not overwhelm yourself. There’s no need to jump straight into the deep end.

The problem is and I myself am guilty of this is getting overexcited so to say and trying to change everything at once. Your general well-being can be greatly enhanced by making little adjustments to your everyday routine.


  • Plan- Make a plan or a list clearly setting out your aims and the improvements you hope to see. Wake up every day with an intention, even if you only complete one thing on your list you’ve taken a step forward.
  • Choose one- Focus on one task at a time. It can be stressful and counterproductive to try to drastically alter your lifestyle all at once, so resist the urge. Just waking up one hour earlier is an example of a small step you can take in order to make time to do something to improve your well-being and costs nothing.
  • Stay positive- Maintaining a strong routine and good habits doesn’t always go perfectly, if you miss a day try again tomorrow.

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If you are struggling with your wellbeing and are interested in getting support from a therapist, feel free to contact the counselling team at My Solution Wellbeing. One of our experienced therapists will be more than happy to assist you. 


Written By Ria Kaur



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By MSWB Team on 05/04/2024 in Wellbeing

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