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The Benefits of Family Conflict Resolution in Maintaining Relationships

Why should you consider mediation within a relationship?


It’s simple, really. If there is constant fighting and disagreement in a relationship as co-parents, after a divorce, or even in a family setting, you need an independent, neutral third party to step into the situation to mediate. Family conflict resolution is a powerful tool, not just in settling disputes but in preserving and maintaining healthy relationships.

Never-ending conflict is a waste of time and highly unproductive for everybody, like a never-ending cycle or a broken record that is stuck in a loop. Your time is your most valuable possession, and unlike money, you can’t earn it back. Time flies, as they say, and how much of it we have is unknown. So why spend it tirelessly arguing with no solution in sight? 

Here’s why family conflict resolution is incredibly beneficial:


Parental partnership:

For co-parents, family mediation can strengthen parental partnerships and can make communication between the two much smoother. But ultimately, this is primarily beneficial for the children. Parental conflict is natural after a divorce, but what may not be immediately apparent is the negative impact it can have on children. The damage is not always visible, but it can be there and can have lasting effects on their emotional wellbeing. Instead of playing a blame game, when parents can reach resolutions without lengthy arguments, children can experience a more stable and secure family environment. Which is what we all ideally want for our children. 

Long-Term Relationship Building:

Beyond immediate conflict resolution, family conflict resolution lays the groundwork for long-term relationship building. It’s important that we not only fix current disagreements but learn how to ideally prevent or deal with them more effectively in the future. Let’s strive to break the cycle of repetitive arguments and find constructive solutions instead. Think about it this way: addressing issues on the surface may temporarily solve problems. But the cracks will start to show without a strong foundation and likely reoccur. Building a sturdy foundation ensures long-lasting strength and stability.

Efficiency and Productivity:

Entering family mediation can save you so much time and assist you in resolving conflicts through agreements so that you can move on with your lives. This means you can begin to invest your time into your children, family, friends, and yourself. All of which sounds much more beneficial and productive. 


Not only is mediation a voluntary process, but the decisions that are made are also completely up to you and are not decided by the mediator. By using this approach, families are able to maintain authority over their own lives.

Rabinder, who is a qualified mediator at My Solution Wellbeing said: 

“Resolution is the end goal of conflict. We can’t have both together simultaneously, but both need to be present to allow the process to happen.”

“Family mediation allows all parties to be heard and state what is important to them. This will, in turn, support resolution for all involved.”

Feel free to reach out to the counselling team at My Solution Wellbeing, and one of our experienced family mediators will be delighted to assist you, providing guidance and support for the positive steps forward in resolving any family conflicts.

Written By Ria Kaur, following a discussion with Rabinder Lail, A qualified mediator within the My Solution Wellbeing team




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By MSWB Team on 26/01/2024 in Wellbeing

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