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The Battle Between My Mind & Body How This Effects My Mental Wellbeing

My mind and body have constant fights between making the decision that I know will make me feel productive, at ease and energised, but often end up entering a toxic cycle simply from making one “bad” choice. Currently, it sounds a little like this…

My mind says “We need to get up and go to the gym, I must stay disciplined! And it’s a little bit like it triggers my Body into making these sarcastic comments- “Yes we feel great when we work out consistently but maybe if we were disciplined with our bedtime last night, we would be doing better this morning but yes, let’s just drink our pre-workout drink and drag ourselves as usual”.

“You feel disappointed because I didn’t workout as well as I usually do? Well maybe if I wasn’t sleep deprived, I would perform better and you wouldn’t feel such disappointment. And your grumpy attitude doesn’t help.”

“Maybe a nap will help! Oh never mind, we’re not very good at taking naps because you got us addicted to scrolling before our bedtime and now you don’t shut off whenever you try, then I fidget for about 30 minutes before you get frustrated and start blaming me for not staying still as if it’s MY FAULT! I’ll just drag us through the day, low on energy as I usually have to do.”

“How about some breakfast? That might put you in a better mood, help you think better, and give ME some fuel. Maybe sugary cereal isn’t a good idea. You know what we’re like, that’s enough to set our sugary cravings off for the day, why not have some eggs or fruit? something light and more likely to keep us- Oh! Never mind, sugary cereal it is, oh and some biscuits, can’t wait to see what other junk you fuel us up with today.”

It then leads to laziness and procrastination throughout the day rather than productivity and usually, ending the day with another late night…

Eventually, I’m able to break that cycle by coming to the conclusion that I must make better choices for myself.


It ends as my body says something like this…

“Do Better! Mind, you know me better than anyone else, yet you continuously make decisions that harms us both. You know that when we don’t get enough rest, you get grumpy, don’t function well and I get extra clumsy. I don’t have enough energy, yet you expect me to perform well and get frustrated when I don’t. You feed me junk/sugary foods and don’t give me proper fuel. You don’t expect to use your phone after only charging it till 30% every time it’s low, but you expect me to run on low and bad quality fuel day after day. To make matters worse, you suffer most of all. You feel anxious and depressed as a result of this cycle and even though you know better, you refuse to do better!”

“Mind, I know it’s easier to stay in this vicious cycle, but please take steps towards doing better for our sake!”

At moments like this, when this stage of the conflict between my body and mind comes to an end, I recall that I was able to regain my motivation because I paid attention to what my body was telling me and checked in with it. Regretfully, I may occasionally get back into that pattern, but each time I do, I’ve learned how to pay closer attention to my body and can do better each time.

Can you relate to this at all?

Maybe the battle between your mind and body is similar to mine, or maybe it’s with something completely different. It might be addiction, or maybe it’s the complete opposite to mine, and you struggle to loosen up and not control everything. And is this something you can improve on with self-talk, motivation or discipline, or do you need professional help?

If you do, we’re here to help. Have a look through the ‘Our Counsellors’ list, where you can find what each counsellor specialises in.

If not, you can keep yourself updated on tips for keeping a healthy mind on our social media platforms.




Written By Eva Domingos, a counsellor In Nottingham at My Solution Well-being. T: 0115 648 7912

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By MSWB Team on 22/02/2024 in Wellbeing

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