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Professional Advice On Improving Your Sleep

Expert Tips On How To Sleep Well

Extended periods of poor sleep can result in easily identifiable issues such as feeling overly tired, struggling with concentration, experiencing frequent memory lapses, showing signs of irritability, and feeling generally sleepy.

As many as a third of individuals might experience insomnia, characterised by either a lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep. This condition can significantly impact various aspects of life, including altering mood and energy levels, diminishing concentration, affecting personal relationships, and impairing the ability to stay alert and function effectively throughout the day.

You can read more on the Mental Health Foundation website


Here is My Advice On How To Improve Not Only Your Sleep, But Also your Sleep Quality


Keeping A Bedtime Routine

My advice is to make sure that you have a consistent bedtime routine, settling down to rest at the same time every night if possible.

Creating that consistency in your routine will help to train your body to get tired at the same time and ultimately wake up at the same time.


Avoiding Stimulants Before Bed

Try to avoid stimulants close to bedtime. Caffeine, which is coffee and tea, and even things like dark chocolate can have adverse effects on you getting to sleep comfortably. Foods that are very high in sugar and caffeine should be kept out of your diet close to bedtime.


Create A Peaceful Environment In Your Bedroom

Create a sleep haven in your bedroom, which needs to be cool for the best sleep. Consider blackout blinds or back hung curtains to stop street or car lights from disturbing you. Remove all of your devices, such as your mobile phone, iPad or laptop, out of the way so you are not tempted to check notifications or respond to messages to create the right environment for sleeping well.


Look To Meditate  

I recommend trying to make time for just 15 minutes of meditation. Not only will it help you to sleep well, but it will help you leave that chaos of the day behind so you can relax. Just the process of controlled breathing, relaxing, lying down and taking time for mindfulness is absolutely amazing.

Take a look at Apps such as Headspace and Calm.


Take Time To Unwind And Look After Yourself Before Sleep

One of the biggest successes of sleeping well is unwinding before you go to sleep. That one hour before you plan to go to sleep is so important. Think about having a hot bath, relaxing music, or a podcast. Think about anything that’s going to help unwind your day. Let go of that chaos and stress during the day. Look at ways to remove your negative thoughts and overthinking. If your mind starts ticking, consider writing down in a journal to help you unwind and take away the stress of the day before you go to bed.


Looking for stress support or sleep therapy? 

Why not contact a qualified adult counsellor at My Solution Wellbeing who can provide mental health support to help you process sleep issues and assist with stress management techniques for future use?

Why not have a chat with our supportive therapy team for professional assistance with a sleep disorder?



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