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Our Advice How To Handle Triggers In a Relationship

Honestly, I’m still trying to figure that out myself but until we do, here are some things we can work with…

We all have triggers so the best place to start is to recognise what your triggers are. Whenever your partner says or does something that seems to randomly set off an intense emotion or reaction from you, be aware that this might be your trigger and it might not be the only one. 

You can take time to reflect on this trigger and see if you can figure out why this is a trigger for you.

Recognising and understanding this means that you can communicate to your partner that this is a trigger for you and maybe even explain to them why. Did something happen in a past relationship or in your childhood, or a certain topic just makes you extremely uncomfortable and you haven’t worked out why. Either way, part of being in a relationship is supporting and loving each other so chances are, your partner isn’t purposely trying to trigger you. So opening up about your triggers might just be a bonding moment and a way for your partner to have a better understanding of how to support you, maybe even open up about their own triggers with you. 

By Eva Domingos, a counsellor at My Solution Well-being. 

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By MSWB Team on 06/11/2023 in Wellbeing

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