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Learn More About Our ADHD Assessments And Diagnosis in Coventry

Understanding the Daily Challenges of ADHD


ADHD can indeed have a significant impact on various aspects of your daily life. You may struggle to build and maintain relationships or feel yourself unintentionally interrupting people. Anxiety tends to run a bit higher for those with ADHD. The constant stream of thoughts and the struggle to focus can leave you feeling restless. People with ADHD tend to struggle with routine, sleep and completing tasks. 

Have you ever felt that moment when you know you’ve got a project to tackle or a task to start, but it feels like there are invisible weights holding you back? It’s as if you want to move, but your body seems to resist every effort. You might catch yourself questioning, “Why am I like this? I can’t stand myself!” 

In these moments, it’s easy to let self-doubt and criticism creep in.


Is ADHD Diagnosis Important?


According to ADHD UK, there are an estimated 2.6 million people in the UK with ADHD, but there are so many people out there who are undiagnosed and unsupported.


An ADHD Private Assessment Can Save You Valuable Time


You can get diagnosed as an adult, but it’s vital for children to be diagnosed as soon as symptoms are noticed so they can receive the correct support at home and at school. With that being the case the wait time of 18 months- 2 years on the NHS is valuable time lost that people with undiagnosed ADHD will continue to go on without support. 


How Can an ADHD Test Help You?


The ADHD diagnosis is important to give you a sense of understanding as to why you are feeling like this. It’s not just about a label; it’s about finding the right support and strategies to make life a bit smoother.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, as soon as you grasp your diagnosis, you’re not just figuring out ADHD – you’re beginning to understand yourself a little better. It’s a journey, and the support you receive can make all the difference.


ADHD Full Assessment and Diagnosis at My Solution Wellbeing and The Rainbow Medical Group Coventry 


At My Solution Wellbeing and The Rainbow Medical group, we offer private ADHD diagnosis in Coventry with no waiting list. You can be booked in the same week, and we offer weekend and evening appointments. Right from the beginning, our goal is to provide a friendly and supportive experience for you or your children. 

Our qualified practice uses a person-centred approach during the ADHD assessment and diagnosis, focusing on understanding the individual’s distinct experiences and needs. This involves collaborative and empathetic discussions where the person’s perspective and concerns are at the forefront. 

The first part of the assessment is £300, and you will attend a face-to-face consultation. Here, you have space to ask any questions and discuss your symptoms and feelings, and you will leave with a self-screening assessment form (SDQ). 

In the follow-up appointment, we will dive into the screening assessment results together; if it is unlikely you will be diagnosed with ADHD, there will be no need to make any further payments for the assessment. Instead, My Solution Wellbeing counselling team will offer you counselling and support.

However, If the results show a high likelihood that ADHD symptoms are present, then you will have the option to go on to complete the rest of the assessment at a cost of £1,200. Have no doubt you will have guidance and support throughout the entire process.


The total cost for the ADHD assessment and diagnosis will be £1,500


If an ADHD diagnosis is confirmed, you’ll receive a detailed report from the psychiatrist, followed by a pathway that offers psychological support, therapy, and medication options. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Take a look at the steps for our ADHD assessment and diagnosis for more information.

Our psychiatrist, Dr Vilanova is very experienced, and brings both expertise and an empathic touch to the ADHD diagnosis process. Be reassured you will be in capable and caring hands with Dr Vilanova during your assessment journey.

If you are interested in an ADHD assessment and diagnosis in Coventry, don’t hesitate to ask; we will gladly assist. Feel free to contact us at:

 T: 02477360299


We are in a nice, quiet location in Coventry, offering free parking and easy accessibility, including wheelchair-friendly facilities. There is also a café on-site, so you can grab tea or coffee while you wait.

Written By Ria Kaur 



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