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Are You Ready To Explore Bereavement Therapy in Coventry

Bereavement is a personal experience, there is no timeline or system for this. Everyone grieves on their own time and in their own manner. This can mean that even though as family and friends you have gone through the same life-changing event, everyone’s individual experiences with grief can make it difficult to be there for each other and provide mutual support. Most days may feel extremely lonely and isolating even if you do have people around you.

But significantly, since the COVID-19 pandemic, people facing bereavement have drastically increased. According to the UK Commission on Bereavement during 2020 and 2021:

614,000 people died across England and Wales, leaving an estimated three million people facing bereavement. 

This is 75,000 more deaths than the average across the previous five years – with an estimated additional 375,000 left bereaved.”

The impact of the pandemic has left behind a community of people suffering the loss of their loved ones with little access to support, resources and face to face bereavement services. Instead, the priority has been on repairing the UK’s economy and the cost of living crisis, with not enough attention on helping people through the extensive grief caused by the pandemic. 

Source: The UK Bereavement Commission


Why Bereavement Therapy Can Help. 


People often seek counselling in the early stages of a loved one’s death due to acute grief and overwhelming despair. Even people who have experienced loss years ago may want to seek counselling to address the long-lasting effects of grieving on their life or because of prolonged or complex grief. Seeking bereavement therapy has no set time limit.


Grief Can Hold You Back


It may seem like the world moves on and you are stuck in your grief. Perhaps you even feel that you are bothering your friends, it can be really hard when all you want is your friends support and you feel like you can’t get. Although they may want to be supportive and a shoulder for you to lean on, it can be hard for them to empathise if they have not been through what you have. 

People who are grieving often feel a wide range of emotions, including sadness, anger, guilt, and grief. Sometimes, we do all we can to avoid all of the emotions and pain before we are able to face it. A bereavement therapist or counsellor can provide an atmosphere that is gentle and understanding to encourage the expression and processing of these feelings and to remember who we lost. 

It is important to remember that not everyone has a loving or healthy relationship with family, and after a bereavement, the complexities of emotions can be confusing and can cause significant emotional distress for those who had a complicated relationship with their lost one.


Private Grief Therapy Provides You With A Safe Space


The therapy space can help you to make sense of your thoughts and work towards talking about the loss. Bereavement therapy gives people coping mechanisms and strategies to assist you to get through the difficulties and adjustments that come with losing a loved one. Whether these transformations include redefining relationships, adjusting to a new routine, or discovering new meanings and purposes in life. 

Dealing with the difficulties of bereavement, it is easy to start to disregard your own wellbeing. Bereavement therapy offers a focus on one’s physical and mental well-being during grieving, emphasising the value of self-care.


Why Reach Out For Bereavement Therapy In Coventry?


In Coventry, we have an experienced team of qualified therapists who are empathetic and understanding in their approach and support you in finding your feet again. 

Whether you are currently grieving or are still enduring the impact of a loss from past years, bereavement therapy can help you find ways to move through the grief. It is a big step to take but also a sign of strength and a willingness to heal. If you are unsure whether you need professional support, reaching out to our counselling team with any questions is always a good idea.

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Written By Ria Kaur 



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