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3 Things you must know before you go to the couples counselling in Nottingham

It is becoming more common to discuss mental health in the mainstream media, and apps to help promote wellness and emotional wellbeing are rising. Individual counselling has become less and less taboo as mental health has become more widely discussed. Couple counselling needs to become more mainstream as well as individual counselling. Often, couples think they should only seek counselling as a last-ditch attempt to save their marriage. Nevertheless, this is a far cry from the truth. Keeping a healthy relationship requires couples counselling even when they are happy.

So if you need a couples counselling in Nottingham, then you must know these 3 things first before going for counselling.

  1. It’s not a crime

If you and your partner want to go to couples counselling, you don’t have any reason to be afraid! It doesn’t matter how taboo, shameful or embarrassing you think something might be, you can discuss anything with your counsellor (and your partner). The truth is that you are not the only person feeling a certain way in the world, regardless of how each relationship is different. You shouldn’t feel a need to be embarrassed mentioning something you are experiencing, because your counsellor has probably encountered someone like you. You must be vulnerable during couples counselling if you wish to improve your relationship. If you trust the process, you will be able to improve your relationship, which is what you are after in the end. It may mean using difficult or taboo subject matter, but trusting the process will help you.

A couple counsellor taking session
Couple counsellor doing couple counselling in Nottingham

2.It doesn’t mean it’s over

You don’t have to end your relationship by going to couples counselling, as we mentioned before! Counselling for couples is often used by happy couples for a variety of reasons, including addressing problems, managing conflict, or simply getting an outside perspective. No two relationships are indeed perfect, so there is always room for improvement in each relationship. A couple’s counselling session can often help! The simplest time couples counselling could be the stop the connection is if you wait too long before going to a counsellor.

Angry couple setting on a couch
While in a session couple counselling in Nottingham couple got angry

3. It can be fun too

Earlier than you attend couples counselling, understand that it could be a fun process. Figuring out weaknesses for your relationship and making desires to enhance these weaknesses is a superb profitable system. Couples counselling can bring you towards your associate, which is also fun and rewarding to revel in. Relying on the reasons that you determined to pursue counselling, it can be a challenging and painful manner at instances, however, the system can be fun at the same time.

If need a session with the couple counsellor then you must check to remember these three things. And these points will help you get a clear idea that couple counselling is not a taboo, or it doesn’t mean that your relationship is over, and with all of these it can be fun. So if you and your partner need a session then book an appointment now.

By MySolutionWellbeing on 01/07/2022 in Wellbeing

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